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The 9th annual Southwest Louisiana Colors of the Rainbow Team Match took place on Sunday April 30, at the Lake Charles Burton Colliseum. Nearly 150 fifth grade students participated in a beautiful display of dance and camaraderie. Eleven participating schools from SWLA highlighted their 5 best dance couples.

In the first round, each couple showcased individual strengths by performing their “specialty” among the following dances: Merengue, Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing and Tango. For the second round, the couples danced to a randomly chosen style other than their "specialty". On the third round the captains of each school danced the Tango and then the Swing.

Steve Leblanc (Ballroom Dance Instructor), Amanda Yellott, Director of the DanceSport Program, Dorothy McDaniel, President of the Whistle Stop Board of Directors, Caitlyn Wilson, 2016 Novice, Pre-Champ Rhythm & Smooth National Champion, Victoria Self, 2016 Silver Rhythm & Smooth National Champion, and Braden Magness, 2017 Bronze & Silver Rhythm & Smooth National Champion The host of the event was Dalanne Babineaux, Program Coordinator and National Network Senior Teaching Artist.

After tallying the scores, two Gold medal and two Silver medal teams were announced for the Large Schools Division. In the Small Schools Division tw Gold, two Silver and two Bronze medals were awarded and a State Champion was crowned.

The results are posted below.

Match Results

    Small Schools Division

goldmedal     T.S. Cooley Elementary   Blue
     R. W. Vincent Elementary   Blue

silvermedal     EDS  Blue
     T. H. Watkins Elementary  Blue

     College Oaks Elementary  Blue
     Fairview Elementary  Blue

    Large Schools Division

goldmedal     Dolby Elementary  
     LC Charter Academy   Apricot
     Maplewood Elementary  Apricot

silvermedal     E.K. Key Elementary   Blue
     LeBleu Settlement Elementary  Blue

State Champion